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Detailing Services


All our detailing services are carried out in our newly refurbished studio that has been adapted to give the best possible environment to ensure your car receives the flawless finish you expect.

We use only quality tried and tested detailing products that give excellent results time after time. 

Our detailing services described below are carried out to exacting standards by a trained professional.


Take a look at some of our previously detailed customer cars in our gallery.........


Valet Services

Our Maintenance Valet services are all carried out on site using only tried and tested products to give great results, whether you want a quick wash to remove road grime or a full valet, we can meet your requirements.

Please see below for our Maintenance Valets.

Valet Services
Detailing Studio at Carbonshine

Focus ST in our studio after a New Car Detail was performed.

Innes final stage polishing on a BMW i8

Porsche 997 Turbo after recieving a Gloss Enhancement Detail
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