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This detail is designed to correct major paint defects and maximise the visual appearance and gloss of bodywork. We recommend this detail for customers who seek the ultimate finish for their car. It builds upon the procedure outlined for our Gloss Enhancement Detail by adding in a multi stage machine polishing process, which can remove 99% of paint defects present, although paint thickness and defect severity can in some cases limit the percentage of correction achieved. By restoring the condition of the bodywork to near perfect condition the residual value of the vehicle can be increased in most cases. 

We start by covering the vehicle in a warm water snowfoam which is left to dwell for 10 minutes to safely remove all traces of loose dirt and grime from the bodywork, wheels, arches and panel gaps. Then using a two-bucket method the vehicle is thoroughly washed using a lambswool mitt. The engine bay is also washed at this stage. We then chemically treat and clay the paint and exterior glass to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as tar spots, metal filings and tree sap, which leaves these surfaces feeling perfectly smooth. After drying the car
, the bodywork is then carefully machine polished in a series of stages using coarse cutting compounds to ultra-fine finishing polishes, in order to correct 99% of visible paint defects and maximise surface gloss in readiness for protection. 


We then apply a coat of spray sealant to the bodywork, this not only adds valuable protection against the elements but also further enhances the appearance of the paint. This is then topped with a high quality wax to further protect and enhance the gloss. We complete the exterior detail by sealing the wheels and glass, dressing the tyres, trims and engine bay.

Finally, we turn our attention to the interior, cleaning the trims, vacuuming the fabrics and conditioning any leather present.

This procedure usually takes between 3 and 5 days to complete depending on the size of vehicle.

C30 Before Correction
C30 Door After Correction
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