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This is our entry-level exterior only detail and is designed to thoroughly clean and protect all exterior surfaces.

We start by covering the vehicle in a warm water snowfoam which is left to dwell for 10 minutes to safely remove all traces of loose dirt and grime from the bodywork, wheels, arches and panel gaps.

Then using a two-bucket method, the vehicle is thoroughly washed using a lambswool mitt.

We then chemically treat and clay the paint and exterior glass to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as tar spots, filings and tree sap, which leaves these surfaces feeling perfectly smooth. After blow-drying the car with warm filtered air, we then apply a glaze by hand to the bodywork to mask minor defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in readiness for protection.

Next we apply either a high quality sealant or wax to the bodywork, this not only adds valuable protection against the elements that lasts for up to six months at a time, but also further enhances the appearance of the finish. We then complete the exterior detail by sealing the wheels and glass, dressing the tyres, trims. 


The procedure is usually completed in a single day although larger 4x4 vehicles usually take longer so will require staying over night and completed the following day.




Focus ST
Audi S3
Audi RS5
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