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Our Full Valet is designed for those who like a clean, tidy and protected car but perhaps don't enjoy or have the time to do it themselves, It builds upon the standard valet by also washing and dressing the engine bay and adding a layer of wax by hand to the paintwork which leaves a high gloss finish which helps with future washing/drying of your car.


We start with a PH neutral shampoo that is gentle on your paint but tough enough to remove road grime. At this stage we also clean your engine bay using a powerful citrus cleaner. 


After drying your car we then apply a coat of wax by hand that can last up to six months, next we vacuum the interior, clean all dashboard and plastics, clean windows inside and out. 


Finally we dress your tyres, exterior rubbers and engine plastics and it's ready for you to collect in just a few hours.

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